What we do and how we do it.

Our Process

Step 1


Read over the website. Check out our Yelp (or Angie's List) reviews. Make sure you feel comfortable with us and how we do things.

Step 2


When you're ready to request an estimate, (click here). We'll get your form, analyze the details, compare it to similar jobs, and send back an estimate usually on the same day.

Step 3


Once you get your estimate, review it to confirm the details we discussed, for accuracy, etc. Please don't hesitate to call or write with any follow-up questions.

Step 4

Book it!

If everything looks good, just reply to our Estimate email with "Confirmed" and we're all set. You'll receive a calendar invite so we're all on the same page. 

Of course, if you choose to decline, that's okay, too. There are no deposits or obligations of any kind. We'd just prefer a heads-up!

Need help finding a new home?

Thinking about buying a home? It is cheaper than renting. Give me a call and we can talk about it!

You pack, we move

MTB is a "you pack, we move" kind of DC small moving company, which is designed specifically to offer customers more choices at dramatically lower moving costs. Specifically, we offer:

Peace of Mind

When you hire MTB, you are working with a great group of guys who collaborate WITH you on your DC move. Unlike most of the larger moving companies that charge a higher rate and load up the project with hidden fees, Truck Buddies are there to work with you to provide the fastest, safest, most efficient and economical move possible.

Budget Control

You can use our services for as much or as little time as you need. Just need a few hours to move the big stuff? Just need a little help loading or unloading a rental truck? Our simple, low hourly rate structure is completely transparent -- you'll always know what the total is up to at any point of the move. Note: there are never any hidden fees -- ever.

Faster Moves

"You pack, we move" means a faster move for you. One reason traditional moving companies are so expensive is that packing services add many extra hours of time to the job. It's common for movers to pack larger homes the day before the move, sometimes doubling the cost. With our system, you pack at your own leisure, thereby reducing the amount of time you need to use our services.

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Top Services

Just a single room's worth of stuff going from one place to another. Usually 2 men and 1 truck, frequently 1-3 hours. Click for more information!
Easily our most common kind of move -- we do thousands of these every year. On average it takes 2-4 hours to complete these. Click for more information!
Also very common, but time to completion can vary. Median on these is about 4 to 6 hours depending on item volume and pre-move preparation. Click for more information!
We call these "Big Truck Jobs." They almost always involve a 26-foot truck and 3-4 hours. A typical job time for these is between 5-8 hours. Click for more information!

Other Services

Free Moving Guide

Proven to be very useful for almost any move.

Furniture Assembly

Need help putting that new bed together? That desk?.

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