"I used My Truck Buddy for the fourth time in 8 years and the service was excellent, as always."

- Gena C.

5-Star Yelp Review | 3.20.17

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Your time is at least as valuable as your belongings. We safeguard both.

What we do is simple - we move your stuff from Point A to B, and we do it fast and efficiently - at a rate most people can afford. Whether you need help moving within the DC area, loading or unloading a truck, moving within your apartment building, assembling furniture or just need some extra manpower, we operate under our time-tested First Principles: 

Show up on time. Work hard and fast. Be friendly and careful. Keep it simple.

That's it. We don't hold items hostage, charge outrageous surprise fees, or cancel jobs without notice (or with notice, for that matter). Does that sound strange? Well, these tactics seem to be the norm in the moving industry. But not at My Truck Buddy.

So, check out our website. Or our hundreds of reviews on Yelp and Angie's List. Better yet -- give us a call today. Summer is coming up and our schedule fills up fast! Speaking of which, here's our Estimate Request Form.

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Gena C.

- 5-Star Yelp Review on 3.20.17

"I used My Truck Buddy for the fourth time in 8 years and the service was excellent, as always. The movers are professional, efficient (super fast!), courteous, and helpful. The estimate was accurate and fair, and they took good care in moving my possessions. Moving is stressful; My Truck Buddy makes the experience as painless as possible (dare I say, easy). I'm also using their storage services and have been very pleased."


We are now into the "summer busy season." Our calendar fills up fast, so if you're even thinking about moving this summer, get a free quote and book soon!

Weekends usually book a month in advance - plan ahead!

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“I do not want to move again anytime soon but I know who I will remember to call next time if I need to!”

-- From a recent Yelp review: Keri B., (6/2/2015)

You need our Moving Guide

"The moving guide on their website was extremely helpful - seriously, follow their instructions and tips."

- Sarah H.

The My Truck Buddy Moving Guide saves you time...and therefore money

The key to a fast, cheaper move is good preparation. That's what the My Truck Buddy Moving Guide tries to drive home within its pages. Since we published version #1 about four years ago, thousands of people have used it with great results. In fact, if I was a better businessman, I'd take it down because thousands of hours of time saved = thousands of dollars that don't go to our bottom line. 

When we show up to a new job site and see neatly stacked boxes, smartly disassembled furniture, and all elevators reserved, we think one thing: "They read the Guide."

Here's what some of our customers have said about it:

"The moving guide on their website was extremely helpful - seriously, follow their instructions and tips." -- Sarah H.

"They provide a really detailed and helpful guide on how to pack things efficiently/safely." -- Paige F.

"Additionally, MTB expressed a clear understanding of many of the frustrations of moving and addressed them directly in its moving guide." -- Sabrina J.

"I followed the suggestions and tips in the MTB Moving Guide (a great resource!) and it really helped to cut down on the time." -- Anonymous 

We publish the Guide on our blog (because it's ever-changing and improving). Check it out here!

My Truck Buddy is a group of local guys dedicated to the radical idea that service = success. For more than eight years, Truck Buddies have successfully moved thousands of people, one move at a time, in sweltering summer heat and frigid winter cold. Being a Truck Buddy doesn't just mean having the right skill-set to do your move right -- it means having the right attitude.

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We strive to give people the best moves of their lives at a fair price. Whether it's a studio, one or two-apartment, or three-bedroom town home, we can handle it. Just need help with a delivery, or don't feel like assembling that Ikea furniture yourself? No problem. We'll even help move furniture around your house during a remodel, and every now and then, we provide a shoulder to cry on.

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Whatever we're doing, people seem to like it. In the last few years, MTB has earned more than 300 visible Yelp reviews and a five-star average (and another 300 archived reviews). Our guys have earned the coveted Angie's List Super Service Award five consecutive years. And DC-area residents gave the "Runner-Up" position to MTB in the Washington City Paper's "Best of" Reader's Poll three times. We're fairly proud of this record, but we don't slack off because of it -- quite the opposite.

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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has several documents useful to anyone who is considering hiring movers. Check it out:

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